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With the return to routine, stress and the desk, back pain also returns. Sometimes, at this stage, you may also start to feel pain in the neck and head, which may be related or have the same origin.
It turns out that with the return to work the sedentary lifestyle returns, a factor with a lot of weight in posture and pain or even inflammatory process. In general, the posture of a desk does not favor the health of the spine, so when you spend several hours in overload, for several days in a row, an inflammatory muscle process can be triggered.
Another important but little mentioned point is the fact that being on vacation often means almost absolute rest, that is, no physical exercise. When you fade the exercise and stop having regular weekly workouts, your muscles start to go into “rest” mode and lose tone. This loss of tone is derived from the reduction in muscle mass which may not be very significant after a week, for example, but will certainly be noticeable after two weeks. So, the longer you don't train, don't do muscle strengthening, don't exercise, the greater the differences you can notice in your body. Therefore, a less trained body has less strength, less capacity to support the most correct posture and this contributes a lot to the increase in generalized pain (back, neck, knees, etc.).
So the question is, "What can I do to reduce back pain?"
As you can imagine, the work must start with prevention, that is, there must not be a complete interruption of training during the vacation period. Still, if that's what happened, this could be a great time to get back to regular training and also introduce specific muscle strengthening into your routine. Accompanied training will help a lot in reducing pain, making the process faster and more effective.
Bearing in mind that back pains do not always have the same origin, it is important that there is an evaluation of several factors to determine the point of greatest stress and work accordingly.
Regular daily stretching exercises can also help at an early stage. Avoid sitting for a long time and in the same position, and also avoid leaning forward on the desk.
However, these tips alone may not be enough, it is important to seek help from a professional with knowledge in the specific area. We can help.

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