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Power fat loss

Power fat loss

The implementation of "diet" does not always work when you want to lose weight.

We believe that our diet, prescribed by a qualified professional, should be accompanied by some competencies to develop a priori and some rules when shopping, which will enhance the results of your diet combined with physical exercise on a regular basis .

Thus, we suggest to our customers that aspire to weight loss, to first, do not take home food that might cause problems to normal following the diet and second, to get used to eat slowly and in a quiet location.

These principles will be the foundation so you can achieve the success of your intentions, its fullness will be greater and the temptation to eat something that should not be avoided because these foods do not exist in your pantry.

The Personal Trainer is more than an instructor at the level of physical prescription, will guide you a process of awareness and adopte a lifestyle and healthier habits.