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All workouts have to train the same muscles?

All workouts have to train the same muscle?

The answer to this question depends on a few variables: how often trains a week; the intensity training; what the purpose of your workout...

If you workout 2 to 3 times a week do not need to divide your session for muscle groups because the time between sessions will be sufficient for the occurrence of muscle recovery, assuming that by working with some intensity.

If you are looking aesthetic goals and can workout 5-6 times a week you can already share your workouts by muscle groups and look in the same week working up to twice the same muscle group.

From our point of view, in the health perspective, the ideal would seek above all, for the same muscle group, working at controlled intensities varying the exercises, trying different angles to avoid overloading the joints always with the same exercise and high loads.

So, try varying your workout, even for the same muscle group, merge different forms of exercise, enough rest and feed yourselves properly. It will be enough to achieve the goals it sets yourself never neglecting your health.

Good training!