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Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner PTA
It is already next Saturday, December 12th, at 8.30pm that we will hold our Christmas dinner at the Costa Algarvia Restaurant in downtown Faro.
It is pleased to once again announce full house!
It is an honor to know that the vast majority of our clients who accompany us throughout the year are keen to have a presence in over this moment of conviviality and celebration of the successful year that now ends.
We will have healthy food, photo exhibit some of the best moments PTA, gift-giving (3€ maximum) and exchange of experiences among our customers about the successes achieved during the year.
Required to do so accompanied by good mood!
Thereafter follow shall be the PTA party there pretty close, at the Mezzanine bar with special conditions of use for our customers and friends. Who can not be present at dinner you can always join us at this time.
It will therefore be another night quite nice and good living!
Rui Madeira text