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Vary the Squat

Vary the Squat

Squat is already known to be a base and very functional exercise for the day-to-day with the use of large muscle groups and multiple joints. But it is important to vary within the same exercise because in our day-to-day we moved in different directions and we can’t just be very strong to sitting and standing.

Some variations may be:

- Direction, to join a side scrolling exercise or use elastic bands to work together abduction and adduction.

- When changing the position of the feet, for an unstable platform, or one foot on the step and one outside, or jump and move from one surface to another.

- The speed of execution from fast to moving very slowly.

- Varying the workload for more than one resistance or more than hypertrophy.

- Motion Range, try to go as low as possible within the mobility of each or vary between closer together or further apart legs.

Learn squats in different ways will encourage the nervous system to work and improve the response to find the best way to distribute the forces throughout the body in different directions and positions.

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