Privacy Policy

Customers entrust us with their privacy - whether in the protection of their personal information, in the confidentiality of their data or in the way we develop our products and services.

The way we handle privacy is a vital aspect of our responsibility to customers and a decisive factor in gaining their trust.

At Personal Trainers we have been creating and developing a culture where all employees have a clear understanding of the importance of privacy and how to ensure their protection.

Our Privacy Commitments set out the principles governing our approach to privacy and how we work with our employees, partners and external stakeholders on relevant issues.

We value privacy for everything it represents to people. It is more than ensuring compliance with the law. It is cultivating a culture that respects privacy and justifies the trust deposited in us.

We clearly communicate the purposes for which we treat customers' personal data and ensure that our actions reflect our words and are receptive to comments about what we do.

We give people the ability to make simple and meaningful choices about their privacy.

Privacy since conception
Respect for privacy is a key component in the design, development and delivery of our products and services.

When there is a need to balance the right to privacy with other obligations necessary to ensure a free and secure society, we work to minimize the impacts on privacy.

Laws and Standards
We abide by privacy laws and work with governments, regulators, policy makers and opinion leaders to develop ever better and more balanced privacy laws and standards.

We are responsible for adhering to these principles throughout our organization, working with our partners and suppliers accordingly.


Changes to our Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement may be updated regularly and, whenever we make changes, they will be posted on our website and you will be alerted that it has been changed.

Last updated: 05/22/2018

What this privacy and cookies statement is about
In this statement we explain how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information when you use our products, services and our website.

Who we are
We are Personal Trainers, headquartered at Avenida da Républica nº1, 8000-078 Faro.

In this privacy policy: "we" means Personal Trainers
"Third / s" means someone other than you or us
You can contact us through our general telephone number 918300788.

Contact us
Your opinion is important to us - if you have any questions about our Privacy Statement you can send an email to our Data Protection Officer at the address @

Our principles
Personal Trainers is committed to respecting your privacy. We take security and compliance with data protection and privacy laws seriously.

We have defined our Privacy Commitments, which are available on our Privacy Portal. We seek to place these commitments at the center of everything we do.

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