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Scientific studies describe an increase in productivity if you have good posture, good physical and psychological. This is to provide session-specific employees, in order to improve its posture, flexibility, motivation to reduce stress and increase the concentration of tasks.

Therefore, you can enhance your business and balance the relationship between life and work of all. In these sessions no need to leave the workplace. We come to your company!

Currently, direct costs associated with health companies in essentially the result of ...

Insurance work;
Services Health and Safety at work;
Health insurance.

Indirect costs...
Health costs due a sedentary;
Increased stress among employees;
Costs related to sick leave;
According to certain facts, more than half the costs are derived from healthy contributors. Some bad habits and lifestyles such as smoking, inactivity and obesity are factors that lead to disease and disability.
Some facts ...
About 8 million workers suffer from illnesses related to or aggravated by work;

53% of reported cases had problems in the system and skeletal muscle, 18% psychological problems (stress, depression and anxiety) and 8% had lung problems.

Our programs:

Break Stretches ... small meeting of 15 | 20 min per employee in the workplace. You do not need sports equipment. Improves posture, flexibility, motivation and reduces stress.

Outdoor activities ... organization of various group activities for employees (and family if requested). Ex: team sports (football, beach volleyball, etc.), Pilates, yoga, hiking and fitness sessions.

Physical Evaluation ... know what the physical condition that their employees have and what are the chances of possible injury. If requested, also to be whether they have physical abilities to perform his job effectively.

A little more ...

Benefits for companies:

Improving physical fitness and productivity of staff;
Improved company image;
Improved customer service;
Improved job satisfaction;
More profits;
Positive return on their investment;
Reducing sedentary time and sick leave;
Benefits for employees
Improved quality of life;
Increased levels of energy and concentration;
Reduced stress and increased psychological and mental strength;
Improved self-confidence and self esteem;
Improved physical condition;
Reduction of risk factors on health;

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