Other Services

Our services are not limited to personal training, increasing our range of services in order to meet all your needs and meet your requirements.

Apart from all the services mentioned above, the Personal Trainers Solutions offers:

PT Kids

PT for pregnant or postpartum

PT for Sports (Tennis, Golf, Soccer, among others)

PT for group lessons (Bootcamp, HIIT, circuit training, Pump, located)

PT combat sports (Cardio Boxing, Combat)

PT relaxation (Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Stretching)

PT aquatic (swimming, swimming for babies, aerobics)


All this at home, outdoors, or custom group.

Experience the most widely practiced in gyms, with a specific monitoring and space of your choice.


And yet:

Personal training in various hotels, you can improve your physical condition, even while enjoying your vacation;

Entertainment activities for groups in Hotels, Resorts, Health Clubs, or in a place of their choice;

Fitness retreats;

Advice for Equipment Health Clubs & Gyms home;

Advice for training clothing and footwear;

Supplementary feeding and their advice;

Relaxation and massage treatments.

Finally, we have everything you needat the level of physical activity, fitness and wellness!

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