Early Sport was present in my personality and shaped me so remarkable for what we are today and passed large values, attitudes and orientation by a healthy and ethical way. I taught to be competitive but also to qualify the importance of team work.

During adolescence, in addition to the practiced sports teams that emerging interest in practice without the competitive component in order to improve my physical performance and in order to be "fit".

Then embarked on an academic career in the field of Physical Education and Sport where I started to develop skills and expertise to follow us headed for the "final product". 

Finally it came time to implement our knowledge with other professionals. And this, in 2006, a renowned Health Club in Faro where he was then formed a team of competent professionals thirsting for revenge in the fitness market. 

Competence, thirst for knowledge, vocation / passion for fitness, friendship and marriage, marked us so, but also customers, who have made us who we are today!

In April 2007, after specific training in Custom Training and constant research and updating, we decided together to fill a major gap in fitness, thus creating a team to provide a quality service and customer follow-up safely and with achieve effective results. We have been growing since then and qualitative progress in the market safely and today, due to the success of our work, we provide various indoor and outdoor services, always with great commitment and dedication of our team of professionals. 


Our search for information / training is constant, in order to acquire further expertise and materials, which allow us to keep in constant evolution and innovation to continue to do our job well and with quality that characterizes us, making the styles of people's lives, not only as regards the physical but the attitudes and ways of being, reflected in their daily lives. 

Believe me, the change in your lifestyle is priceless!

We are then more complete and more knowledgeable of the excellent tool that is our body causing him to overcome the boundaries that we thought were unreachable before.

You can! Together we will find your welfare!

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