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Personal Trainers - workshops

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LOSE BELLY FAT - Personal Trainers


All theoretical and practical scientific foundations to structure a training process to lose abdominal fat.

Personal Trainer - Carolina Coelho

Price: 40,00 €
CORE TRAINING - Personal Trainers


Everything you need to know to develop the capacity of your CORE, with the Personal Trainer Ana Rita Cativo

Price: 40,00 €

You can also have access to personalized training and consultations with our specialized Personal Trainers and our nutrition department!


A brand with over 10 years of experience, an international reference in the specialized personalized monitoring process, with professionals and where constant training is the key point. That in addition to on-site services it has advanced to the delivery of specialized online services, where it will have access to information, tips, virtual training, lives, chats with PT, training prescription at home and many other news, always with the well-being of our customers and followers! Always aiming to be able to achieve your goals safely and effectively!