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David Roberts (IT Director) 46 anos

I looked for Personal Trainers to lose weight, get fit and become healthier.

Previously was ok but on and off and needed someone to help motivate and drive me to do this.

I found Personal Trainers on an Internet search initially, made an enquiry and was quickly called back to arrange a meeting to discuss objectives good and bad.

What changed? Now even when I have "naughty" times I know that on Monday I will have a training session and Alice will put me back on track, no issues at all other than hard work.

Alice works me hard but very satisfying once a session is completed.

A huge amount and something I will continue throughout my life! I am totally satisfied and quite proud of what I have achieved at my age! Friends and family also very pleased.

The service advantages are that it focuses me totally and makes me more active and have lots more energy!

Alice is amazing and I would recommend her strongly to others. She is perfectly balanced between having fun and working very hard... Lots of different types of exercises which make each session fun. I have done 6 months of training and still new exercises each session. I know she works very hard with clients and is always accommodating to session days and times which helps a lot.

I absolutely recomend Personal Trainers and lots of people have asked me how I have achieved what I have and the answer is totally down to your company!

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