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Caroline Collen (Music teacher of piano) 60 anos

I required motivation and guidance to lose weight and become fitter.

Personal Trainers were highly recommended to me by a friend.

Before, my life came to a standstill. I could see I was gaining weight and I had no motivation to move forward however all of that changed when I started to train with Personal Trainers. I began to enjoy working out again and running and losing weight and becoming fitter.

The main difficulty during the workout process was to stay in focus and to never ever give up.

The biggest advantage of this service is to believe in myself that I am capable of all new challenges in my life.

I am extremely satisfied with my results! Great weight loss and achieving an excellent level of fitness. Already lost 11kg, fat percentage down, muscle up, visceral fat down…and we did not finish yet! A huge impact in as much as my stress levels are lower and I feel I can now tackle difficult situations within my daily routine. Physically and mentally stronger!

I certainly would recommend Personal Trainers because each trainer cares about the whole person, the mind, body and soul and most of all respect in every which way.

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