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Exercises you should include in your workout

You usually go to the gym, knows that physical exercise will make you stronger, trains lower and upper body, but the training ends up being the same and on the same machines?

Here are some exercise tips to include in your upper body workout routine.

The chest we have bench press - an easy-to-learn exercise where you can easily produce enough strength for increased muscle mass, and dumbbell flys - a bit more complex because each side of your body has to work independently , requires more muscular stabilization and has a greater range of movement, but very efficient.

For the backs are essential in the movement of pull in your workout and work of the dorsal, if you can´t with the weight of your body, it’s ok, do in a lower bar and with your feet on the ground and gradually putting more weight on the arms or go up the bar (in multi-power for example). And the low row with bar where you can lift a lot of load and work a lot of the posterior muscles here the posture is very important, a good stabilization of the lumbar in the deadlift position is essential not to cause injuries.

It is important to vary the exercises for a constant adaptation of the body and evolution in the training. But do not forget the posture and the correct exercise technique comes first, after that yes, it is good time to bet on the load.

To not have to worry about any of these aspects the best solution is to choose to train with a Personal Trainer that will help you select the best exercises, to progress more quickly, efficiently and safely. What are you waiting for?

Good training!

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