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10 tips for healthy adductors

The adductor is a muscle that must be worked on regularly and should not be overlooked. Personal Trainers will let you know how you can exercise it and how important it is.

What is the adductor and its influence on physical performance? The adductor is a muscle present in the inner thigh and responsible for the adduction of the leg, which in turn does the opposite movement of the abductor that is on the outside of the thigh and performs the abduction of the leg. This muscle intervenes at the level of balance, speed, changes of direction, etc.

Learn how to train the adductor in 10 tips:

1. Perform several squats. Normal squatting, squatting juice or unilateral squatting

2. Lunges is a good exercise to develop the adductor, can run statically, to walk, with bar or dumbbells.

3. Place a ball between your legs and press in order to compress the ball, the adductor is requested immediately.

4. Standing and with an elastic attached to the ankle area perform adduction of the leg, the body must be perpendicular to the area where the elastic is attached.

5. Position yourself on the rug sideways and with a rubber band attached to the legs raise the leg up and then down. In order to work effectively the adductor makes the descent slowly.

6. The race besides developing the great muscles of the thigh, also plays an important role in the adductor. When you perform a faster race you will feel more results.

7. The fitball between the legs also promotes a development of the adductor, even if it is to perform sit-ups, the adductor is being recruited to keep the ball between the legs.

8. The machine, adductor chair is also a great option to work the adductor as it can increase the load progressively.

9. At the end of each workout, always remember to stretch all the muscles, including the adductor, so that the results will be greater and aid in the prevention of injuries.

10. When performing a training that includes the adductor it is important to realize how many series, repetitions or time to use to develop the adductor effectively. In order to be more secure and correct we recommend that you look for a personal trainer. Personal Trainers can help you, contact us through email [email protected], website or social media.

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