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How much protein should I eat?

Everyone that hits the gym asks this question, but what they really mean is, "How much protein should I eat to maximize my muscle gain?"

What lifters want is to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. In a post-training state, muscle protein synthesis is elevated and the cells are primed for the uptake of amino acids. At this point the stage will be set for gains.

So how much protein should you eat each day to maximize muscle growth? First of all, eating excess protein beyond what's needed to maximize muscle protein synthesis does not accelerate muscle growth.

Recent studies have shown us that excess calories from protein don't easily get stored as body fat, but they also don't increase the rate of muscle growth.

There are no shortcuts to grow muscle, but at Personal Trainers we give you some optimal ways to use protein intake to maximize your gains:

- A gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day will cover just about everyone;

- Around 40 grams of whey protein post-training will maximize muscle protein synthesis;

- A slow digesting protein containing casein before bed is a good idea to keep muscle protein synthesis elevated throughout the night.

How do we divide all that protein during the day?

 For example, a man with the weight of 70kg, should consume between 30 to 40gr of protein each meal. After workout, his shaker should contain around 40g of Whey protein, and before going to sleep he should consume between 20 and 40g of casein.

Getting enough protein during the day isn't the issue for most guys who aren't growing. It's often the lack of overall calories and training intensity that's holding back those gains. At Personal Trainer we have high qualified professionals that can help you to achieve your goals, contact us through email [email protected], website or social media and we will help you.

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