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Hyperlaxity is a more pronounced laxity in the ligaments, and these can perform movements of amplitudes greater than normal. This laxity can bring benefits to certain types of athletes, such as swimmers, shooters and gymnasts, in which they are modalities that require a greater range of movements.

However this kind of laxity can also lead to many other problems like sprains, subluxations, fractures, hernias and early osteoarthritis.

Hyperlaxis is a collagen deficiency in the tendons and ligaments, but this deficiency does not only affect the musculo-skeletal system, gastrointestinal, skin, blood vessel and eye tissue disorders may occur.

We give 3 tips to identify the problem of hyperlaxity before starting the exercise:

1- Gender, age and ethnicity, laxity is higher in women, with age tending to decrease, and is more common in people of African, Asian, Arabic origin than in Caucasians.

2- When you shake hands even in full heat, your hands will feel cold.

3 - Perform a Bemo- nance hypermobility test, consisting of 5 tests scored from 0 to 9 according to the degree.

If you have hyperlaxity and want to train we will have special attention, the ideal is to perform the movements in a controlled way and not exceed the ideal amplitudes so that it does not damage this laxity, to do these exercises correctly can count on the help of your personal trainer, It can help you in the best way you have no future problems.

If this is one of your cases that you are waiting for, come to train well and safely, we will help. Contact us through our email [email protected], website or social media.

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