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Seniors and physical activity

The World Health Organization (WHO, 1998) states that regular exercise has the power to prevent, minimize and / or reverse many of the problems that make up the accompanying or aging process. For example, Fries (1990) states that as people over 70 years of age may be as their cognitive reserves increased with aerobic exercises through a practice oriented.

Being physically active helps seniors improve strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, allowing them to continue to carry out their day-to-day activities and routines while simultaneously maintaining their independence.

 8 Reasons for a Senior to Exercise:

1. Improving self-esteem and socialization

2. Improving walking speed

3. Improving coordination

4. Improvement of balance

5. Contribution of maintenance and bone density

6. Diabetes, Arthritis and Heart Disease Control Help

7. Improves food intake

8. Increased muscular endurance

The beginning of the practice of physical exercise should always be gradual and adapted to each person so always seek help from certified professionals in the area of physical exercise. Contact us!

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