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10 advantages of doing squats

Did you know that squatting, when performed properly, is an exercise that builds lean muscle mass, increases strength, improves blood circulation and flexibility?

Having a good form and technique is crucial to getting maximum benefits and avoiding injury. The squat is suitable for anyone, male and female, who is interested in building lean muscles and burning fat, in addition to improving their health.

When made properly, squats are the best exercise compound for a mass build, as well as increase size and a strength in the body. So here we leave 10 to perform this exercise:

• Improves blood circulation
• Increase core strength
• Improve flexibility
• Great for burning fat
• Strengthens as joints
• It is functional to complete daily tasks
• Increases vertical jumping
• Improved training efficiency
• Increase Sprint times
• Improve athletic performance

Were you convinced? At Personal Trainers we accompany all our clients to help them to achieve their goals, not only with squats, but with a training plan and a type of client. Contact us!

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