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Chocolate. Is it good or bad?

Chocolate is a food that most people crave for. We’ve been hearing a lot lately about its health properties. This food, when composed mainly by cocoa, can be a good option to consume daily in moderation.

Cocoa is very pure and highly antioxidant, with a lot of vitamins and mineral that slow aging, accelerate our metabolism and help to control weight. Besides, it’s a great antidepressant, which is also good for our mood and health.

The majority of the chocolates have a huge amount of added sugar. These have no nutricional value and should be avoiid at all costs.

However, chocolates with 70 to 99% cocoa are available on every supermarket or grocery store this days. Make sure you read the label carefully, pay attention to the cocoa percentage, as well as the sugar content (it should be very low or nonexistent).

Don’t forget to have a balanced meal and moderate consumption of carbs, proteins and fats.

It’s important to ally exercising with cocoa ingestion, to burn extra calories. We can help you with that! Find out how.

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