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Benefits of anxiety control and mental visualization in an athlete

Nowadays, it is known the importance of the support and psychological work performed in athletes of high competition. But will not it be time to develop these strategies with the younger ranks as well?

Until the 1990s there were not many studies on this subject, but today several studies show the relevance of re-creating in the minds of athletes' experiences as close as possible to competitive reality, thus getting closer to tactical and technical perfection as well as greater control of anxiety and pressure levels during competition. The definition of realistic goals, the development of positive and objective thinking has a huge return on the results obtained by the athletes, regardless of the modalities practiced.

It is up to each modality, club, team, association or coach to realize the importance of developing these abilities together of the young athletes. At Personal Trainers we help in this sense, so that whoever seeks us, whatever their goal is, we have the capacity to help to achieve the desired goals.

Susana Santos text