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The importance of folate

Vitamin B-9, more commonly known as folate, plays several critical roles in the body. Folate, along with other vitamins, is an essential nutrient that humans need for proper functioning.

The function of folate
Folate is needed to make red blood cells. Folic acid, a compound also of vitamin B-9, helps in reducing dangerous compounds in the body and in conducting multiple metabolic processes. Folate is of extreme importance for women of childbearing age as it is an integral part of the formation of the fetal brain and spinal cord during pregnancy.

Folate is found in green vegetables such as spinach, asparagus and broccoli. Like most B vitamins, folate is easily destroyed by cooking and light, and folate levels decrease rapidly when vegetables are harvested. The good news is that many foods are fortified with folic acid, an easily metabolized and stable folate version. Lentils and other vegetables such as beans are sources rich in folic acid.

Folic Acid Supplements
Folic acid supplements are a way to get folate in your diet. Women of childbearing potential should consider this supplement because the lack of it can cause irreversible damage. As soon as a woman gets pregnant, her daily need for folate doubles and it can be difficult to fulfill this requirement only with basic diet. Folic acid is a very recommended supplement during pregnancy.

Eating fresh and raw green vegetables is a natural way to get folate and not only, being a great source of other vitamins and minerals. Want to know how to have a healthy and adequate diet? Contact us!

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