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Importance of Mobility

Mobility is considered the range of motion that a joint can do actively (example high boot with fully stretched leg).

It is the movement based on the integration of the whole body approaching and finding all the elements that limit movement and performance, including shortened and rigid muscles, soft tissue restrictions, joint capsule, motor control problems, dysfunction in range of motion and neural problems dynamics. Summarizing in Personal Trainers opinion, mobilization is the tool for globally encountering movement and performance problems.

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Important for ?

Injury Prevention: The stability of the spine protects the central nervous system, the free movement of the joints promotes an adaptation to the movement in a smooth and adequate way to withstand the loads or volume. Performing movements in inappropriate positions is a great call for injuries and muscle dysfunctions.

Increases movement efficiency: Correct joint movement improves the quality of movement, leaves movement smooth and unimpeded (eg Pistol, Over Head Squat, Olympics).

Improve Performance: Understanding how to stabilize joints and activate muscle groups results in a dramatic increase in performance. The same stability that protects against injuries is its base to generate more torque, ie to support and lift more loads. Each movement has its particularity, in relation to stabilization such as the bench press, which requires a strong contraction of the scapulae.

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