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The Models Secret

Have the body of famous models.

For the results to be interesting we must maintain a workout routine, so the training should not be boring or overwhelming, we must have challenging activities and we like.

To be a model, it requires maintaining a healthy life from waking to bedtime; it can not be just at certain times of the day.

One day kind of a model with a great physique!

WAKING UP- Early wake-up and immediate hydration are good behaviors. A good breakfast right after half an hour after waking up rich in protein, hydrates, and fiber may be an excellent choice.)

CARDIO AND VITAMINAS- boxing, running and cycling are great for aerobic exercise and to prepare for the challenges of your day. After training nothing like good fruit and vegetable juice.

SPA- When you have time to relax, have a massage or have a sauna or Turkish bath.

LUNCH- There are already many options to choose at lunch, many brands already have well-structured salads, or you can even bring one tailor made by your nutritionist right from home and eat in a place of your choice, outdoors enjoying the good weather if possible.

WATER- Do not neglect with your hydration the recovery of your body and your skin thank you).

If you want to have a good night's sleep, you should not have to wait for a long time to sleep.

THE GREAT SECRET- One of the most important points is undoubtedly strength training, here I will gain the tone I want, it will increase your metabolism and gain a great self-esteem.

Talk to your Personal Trainer and have a plan fit for you, and do not forget to be regular, your results depend on it!