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Workout with elastic band

According to the Personal Trainer Portugal, the elastic bands, also denominated by thera band, are very practical, light, and easy to store and to use. They exist in several models and in different levels of resistance. It promotes the improvement of the physical conditioning, as we manage to work a diversity of exercises and movements that work all muscle groups, such as arms, buttocks, thigh and abdominal.

They can work on all the muscles of the body, because while we are making force in the concentric phase, it also takes a lot of resistance to keep it stretched in the eccentric phase of the movement. Seen in this way, in training with elastic can achieve results as exercises with weight lifting such as: weight loss, toning muscles, increased resistance.

The benefits this elastic provides are:

• Greater range of movements, ie, muscles gain greater flexibility to perform any type of activity;

• The joints become stronger, which helps to prevent injuries, as well as improving the body's stretching power.

• As running requires a greater regrouping of muscle fibers, it results in a good amount of spent calories.

• Like all aerobic exercise, it helps in improving the circulatory system, reduces stress, improves sleep quality and prevents obesity.

The elastic band exercises are stimulating, break the practice routine and still challenge your strength and endurance.

With the accompaniment of a personal trainer, the results are much more efficient, due to the constant supervision of the wrong postures and the explanation of the exercises to the detail.

Learn how you can experience this type of workout with a personal trainer!

In the gym evolves fitness concept, in the Best.Butt.Ever class, which is a localized class for buttocks, legs and abs, we use this type of elastics for toning, muscle strengthening and weight loss.

Come and try it on Thursdays, 10 a.m. or 7:15 p.m.!

Text by Laura Sousa