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Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that can affect all joints of the body, causing it to wear. It is a disease that has no cure, but there can be a great improvement in symptoms by performing specific exercises.

Another measure that helps in the success of treatment, are the modifications of the day to day like losing weight, to avoid making efforts, to use tennis or comfortable shoes than to walk of slippers or barefoot. These simple changes decrease the pressure on the knees, decreasing the pain.

Recommended Physical Activity

Personal Trainers recommends that you take light walks, with appropriate footwear, cycling, water aerobics, among others, and will depend heavily on the severity of the injury presented.

It is very important to perform exercises for the strengthening of the quadrants, as they control the impact of the foot on the floor, reducing the degeneration of the knee joint.

Disapproved Exercises

Personal Trainers advises against activities involving running, jumping, high-speed movements, because of their high impact on the knees, which can further increase the injury and increase the need for surgery.

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Text by Diogo Lopes