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The importance of flexibility

Increasingly physical exercise is present in the routine of the population. However it is still very common to see men in the gym only lifting weight, and women being sex mostly in Pilates, Mobility or Yoga classes.

It is important to realize that mobility and flexibility must be trained by both sexes.

And why is it important?

Imagine when you hit a plastic bottle, the size decreases, and it gets compressed. The same happens with the human body, when doing only bodybuilding there will be a shortening of the muscle fibers, soon the amplitude of the movements of the body will be smaller. But year after year your ligaments, tendons and muscles are always shortened and will hamper simple movements (eg reaching a high shelf in a kitchen cupboard), of course it happens more at a later stage of age. So if during your course of conciliating strength training and flexibility / mobility and physical results are better, you help yourself when you reach age 3. You can perform the movements more easily and less painfully. If you do not know how to fit this type of workout or the exercises you should do in your workout plan, get help from a professional. We can help you, know how.

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Text by Ana Rita Abreu