PT Personal Trainers


Currently, young people are influenced by a set of factors that are harmful: sleeping little, celebrating unhealthy, moving less and less and using a lot of technology, that is, they spend many hours with sedentary behavior, or that becomes more susceptible to the contraction of diseases, resulting from an abrupt fall in outdoor play, which is enhanced or illiterate by the generalized engine. According to the national observatory of physical activity and physical fitness, young Portuguese do not comply with the minimum minimums, with the average of boys performing forty-five minutes of physical activity daily while girls only a few minutes.

As with new technologies, in various situations, active transport is a substitute for cars and as simple street earrings that are exchanged for digital games. What if you try to reverse this situation and create an allied number to increase physical activity? In view of this paradigm, why not try to use it as technologies for the benefit of a more active and healthy society, taking advantage of the best it has to give us?

Trying to instill in today's young people tools for them to automatically use apps for mobile phones and tablets that help motivate regular physical activity. Applications for weight control, heart rate monitoring, learning technical sports gestures and structured physical activity. If more and more the cell phone is an extension of the hand of young people, why not use the benefits of improving their physical-motor skills and promoting daily physical activity?