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Are you training at home? Some mistakes you may be making!

Now that you are training at home according to your will, that is, motivation, schedule, choice of training and exercises to do, you may be making some mistakes that can compromise your results and your safety!

Failing to plan
. If you do not stipulate a commitment and do not have a program outlined, you will not have the desired progress, look for someone who can program what you should and can do to get results!

You are following random videos online
. There are numerous content available online. Will it be the most suitable to do?
. Countless influencers and coaches are putting as many training sessions online as possible, but keep in mind that they may not be appropriate for you. Yes, they motivate, encourage you to get off the couch, but dedicate your time to the exercises most appropriate to your physical condition.

You are doing what you like best
. This is the tendency of those who train by themselves and with no commitment to results.
. When training alone, we will involuntarily train as we like, not as we need. The body is seen as a whole and by doing just what we like we can cause some muscle imbalances ...

Consult a trusted professional and in no time you will have everything you need to train safely at home!

We hope this information has been useful do not hesitate to contact us for more information or learn more about our services and start getting in good shape today!