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At a time when most people are limited to physical exercise due to lockdown, the demand for online training has increased by about 70% compared to the past few years. Because? Because people had a need to remain active even if they were confined. With gyms closed, outdoor parks closed to the public, online training has become a solution for many.


What is online training?


There are two types of online training, the personalized online training identical to the face-to-face but done through a real-time video call, where the trainer can guide the student in the execution of the exercises and perceive the level of effort, intensity and posture of them at the time and also online monitoring, in which the trainer prescribes a training plan directed to the needs and objectives of the student so that he can carry out autonomously.



Online Video Call Training Service


In video call training, the first step is the assessment process, where the student answers a questionnaire, so that the personal trainer can understand what the needs, objectives, as well as their sporting experience, previous injuries and current health status, weight, measurements, etc. Then find out what materials the student has available and where the training will take place to ensure that the call connection is of good quality because sometimes in certain areas of the house or garden the connection is weak, thus compromising the online training experience.

With all the conditions in place, the online training allows the personal trainer to follow the student in real time in a safe and individualized way, correcting any bad postures and at the same time motivating the student to have a better performance during the training.

Online training offers the possibility to train anywhere or in the world (even if you go on vacation), without having to travel to save time. The time commitment with the personal trainer is also an advantage for those days that you feel more tired and unwilling. Thus guaranteed the results desired by the student, very identical to the personalized training in person.


Online Monitoring Service


In online monitoring the method is a little different, because here the personal trainer after gathering all the data provided in the assessment, prescribes an individualized training plan through an app on a smartphone where the student will have access to the exercises illustrated on video, register its entire evolution, compare performance between workouts, personal data, virtual classes, etc. Here the student has complete independence to train wherever and whenever he wants, not depending on established times, to ask questions about certain exercises with his personal trainer via whatsapp, zoom or skype, the big disadvantage will be for less experienced people because the correct execution of the exercises may be compromised at the time of training, thus increasing the risk of injury.

On the other hand, this service has a more affordable value for money.




The choice of Online Training will always depend on the level and needs of each person, because the big difference is in the real-time monitoring that will undoubtedly be an advantage for people with less experience, allowing to adapt exercises that they are unable to perform due to some limitation or pathology making training safer. In case the person already has some experience at the training level, the option of online monitoring has proven to be a great solution to guarantee results equally.

Depending on what makes the most sense for you, both services will have results!

Always choose a service that has experienced and qualified professionals

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