"According to the Order of Nutritionists, these are health professionals who "integrate, apply and develop the principles
from the basic areas of biology, chemistry, physiology, social and behavioral sciences and those from the sciences of nutrition, food, management and communication, to achieve and maintain the health status of individuals at the best level, through a scientifically supported professional practice , in the light of current knowledge, in constant improvement.” Its work can be developed with groups and individuals in situations of well-being or illness through health promotion, treatment and management of food resources.

If you want to change your body composition (lose weight, gain muscle mass), or have adequate nutrition for a state of health (diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies), or specific situations in the life cycle (pregnancy, childhood, old age) , or simply learning to eat healthier, consulting a nutritionist is essential. If food is involved, the nutritionist is the professional indicated.

In my professional practice, I intend to put my knowledge at your disposal so that you feel empowered and autonomous to make food choices in line with your goals. As the popular saying goes, "Don't give the fish; teach how to fish".

What to expect from a nutrition appointment? In a first meeting, we will talk about your expectations and goals, your lifestyle, eating habits and preferences. There will be a physical assessment and diagnoses made by both parties, we will decide together the way forward, which can range from nutritional education, counseling or even the prescription of a personalized meal plan for you. Subsequent consultations monitor progress on the way to achieving the goals and build capacity to make the right food choices. The relationship with the customer is close, so that they feel supported on their way and have a qualified professional at their disposal to help them with any queries.

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