Privacy Policy

1. Scope

Personal Trainers, is a legal person and within its commercial activity it may be necessary to collect personal data from its customers / users. Considering the customers' right to privacy, Personal Trainers does not collect any personal information without the prior consent of its holders.

Regarding the navigation and use of the Personal Trainers website by its users, to optimize and improve the browsing experience, data is collected through cookies that may or may not be stored on the user's computer / navigation device.

It is intended to demonstrate in a clear way the collection and use of these Cookies, their purpose and protection of data collected in the use of the website.

When browsing the website, personal data are not automatically collected without prior consent.

In any case, Personal Trainers does not sell the personal data that may be collected in any way, nor does it transmit them to third parties without the prior consent of the holders, except as required by law.


2. Entity Responsible for the Processing of Personal Data

Regarding Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, designated as RGPD – General Data Protection Regime, the entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data is Personal Trainers, headquartered at Avenida da Républica nº1, 8000-078 Faro, Taxpayer 211888621.

Although the entity is not obliged to appoint a Data Protection Officer, internally it has a DPO for dealing with matters related to Personal Data Protection, which can be contacted by registered letter sent to Personal Trainers, Avenida da Républica nº1, 8000-078 Faro or via email [email protected].


3. Definition of Personal Data

Any information, in any written, magnetic or digital medium relating to the identification of a natural person or that may be identifiable.


4. Consent

When browsing the website, whenever identification and collection of personal data is required, the user will have to authorize its collection through authorization mechanisms that may vary depending on the case, but which will be clear in their purpose and intuitive as to their use. For example, in a contact form, there will be a checkbox where the user must click authorizing the collection and processing of personal data entered in the form and subsequent contact by Personal Trainers. However, it should be noted that without authorization for data processing, Personal Trainers will have no way of contacting the user.

The processing of personal data, once authorized, will be done in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and your authorization must assume that this has been read and understood, as well as the Terms and Conditions of use of the website.

This Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of use of the website may be revised without the need for prior consent but always in accordance with the RGPD.


5. Personal data to be collected

The personal data to be collected from the user will only be those necessary for the indicated treatment. The collection is generally done through a form that will have the identification of its purpose and authorization to collect the data when applicable. Depending on the type of purpose, the following may be requested: Name, Telephone, Email, tax number among others. Only those marked as mandatory will be necessary and essential for the activity, the others being optional based on the data subject's voluntary decision.


6. Purpose, accuracy and data collection

The accuracy of the personal data provided is the sole responsibility of the holder thereof, and Personal Trainers cannot be held responsible for its inaccuracy or inaccuracy.

Identification data are necessary for the activity and/or for the fulfillment of legal obligations and for the time necessary for its purpose or until the right of opposition, deletion or consent is withdrawn. The processing of personal data is essential and is consented to by the user and without which the Personal Trainers business relationship is not possible.


Examples of data processing purposes:

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager): Management of contacts, information, customers, suppliers, market research, support requests, invoicing, collections and payments, among others.

Accounting Management: Invoicing, accounting, tax information, sending a SAFT-PT file to the tax authority, among others.

Marketing: creation of consumption profiles (aggregated data), analysis of products and services by profile, among others.

Control and security management: access logs, incidents, physical and online security, physical and remote system surveillance. Management of protection measures, firewall, intrusion detection system. Surveillance systems on the access to the system by employees, levels of access to information and access registration (logs).

Backup Management: Backup policy, access, recovery and deletion or overwrite. Management of data redundancy and infrastructure security.

Legal Obligations: compliance with data transmission via legal imposition.

Recruitment: in the selection of potential candidates, the collection and processing of candidates' personal data becomes necessary. They will not be passed on to third parties without your prior consent.


7- Transmission of Data to Third Parties

As a general rule, the collected data are not shared with third parties except as a legal requirement or because they are strictly necessary for the activity.

Under the terms of the RGPD, in the eventual transmission of data to third parties, the following procedures are observed: unambiguous information to the holder of the reason for the transmission, consent (except for legal imposition), shielding of the transmission method, guaranteeing levels of confidentiality, security and protection. These third parties must comply with the RGDP / Privacy Shield Act, namely in terms of the duty of secrecy, security and protection, and these data cannot be used for any other purpose, nor related to others that they have.

Personal data will be processed whenever possible within the European Union space and in countries that comply with the RGPD / Privacy Shield.


8- Duration of Preservation of Personal Data Processing

Only what is necessary for the purpose identified will be kept, that is, during the period of the contract or commercial relationship, and after this period they may be kept for 2 years for control purposes. By legal imposition, data relating to tax or accounting information is retained for a period of 10 years. On this point, we will follow the CNPD guidelines, always complying with the guidance that data should only be kept for the strictly necessary period and for the purpose for which they were transmitted. All information, will be deleted within 15 days, when requested.


9- Data Processing Security

The data will be electronically stored on a server maintained and controlled by Personal Trainers, whose security is always monitored in terms of infrastructure and data access. Access is restricted and protected by passwords and several authentications and various access management and encryption tools, so that unauthorized third parties do not have access to them. The security risk is thus minimized but not extinguished and there is always the possibility of illegal access to data. In this case, measures to contain leakage and disclosure will be implemented according to the RGPD.

All communications are carried out via SSL / TLS, which regularly change passwords.

Passwords are not saved locally and access to data management is done via Login + Password and 2FA.10.

The holders enjoy, in accordance with the RGPD, the right of access, rectification, opposition, erasure, limitation or portability of data. In order to exercise their rights, they must submit the request in writing to the Personal Trainers DPO. Personal Trainers, Avenida da Républica nº1, 8000-078 Faro or via email [email protected].

In the written request, Personal Trainers will, for security reasons, authenticate the respective issuer as the legitimate holder of the data. In case of doubt, the request is not granted, and the issuer can authenticate it in another way.

In any case, the request may not be immediately satisfied (legal or other requirements). The holder will always be informed in this case, and it is expected that within 1 month the required procedure will be completed.

In case of deletion (data deletion), they may be retained for further processing due to legal imposition and for the period that may be imposed (10 years for billing, for example).


11- Right to claim

Personal Trainers, through its DPO, is at the disposal of data subjects to clarify any question regarding the collection and processing of data via email [email protected].

To report an error or vulnerability of the APP / Website, just send an email to [email protected].

The data subject is free to lodge a complaint with the control authority CNPD – National Commission for Data Protection, R. de São Bento 148, 1200-031 Lisboa regarding the form of collection and processing of Personal Trainers data.


12- Cookies, what they are and which ones are used
What is a Cookie or Cookies?
“Cookies” are code files that are stored on your computer, tablet, mobile device, through the browser that stores information related to browsing preferences. They allow you to improve the performance and browsing experience of your users, increasing, on the one hand, the speed and efficiency of response and, on the other, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.

What are Cookies for?
They serve to collect information to allow, for example, a shopping cart to work storing previously chosen products. In this way, a cookie stores useful and interesting information, allowing faster and more efficient navigation, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same data.

Deletion or Disabling of Cookies

Cookies only retain information related to the user's preferences and the user can, at any time and through his internet browser (browser), decide to be notified of the receipt of cookies, as well as block their entry into his system.

To learn more about how to disable cookies depending on your browser, click here:

Type of cookies used on this website
– Session cookies: temporary cookies that remain in your browser's cookie file until you leave the website. Usually this information is used to allow a better browsing experience based on the accessed data. It also allows to identify navigation problems enabling their resolution.
-Strictly necessary cookies: They allow you to browse the website and use its functions, as well as access secure areas. Without these cookies, the services you have requested cannot be provided;
– Analytical Cookies: normally used to create aggregated and non-personalized (anonymous) information about website usage statistics;
– Functionality Cookies: these allow the website to identify the user and load their profile based on this information. For example, starting a login session started when you return to the website, with no need to log in again each time you visit the website.

The user, by using this site, expressly accepts the Conditions of Access and Use described above.

Estritamente necessários cookies1

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Desempenho cookies4

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