Anyone who goes to the doctor and complains of pain in the back is advised to do Pilates. If you have bone or joint problems…do Pilates. Little resistance? Start with Pilates. You don't have any experience of training? Do Pilates.

If a few years ago most doctors advised their patients with osteoporosis, back pain and other ailments when doing swimming and water aerobics, now advises to do Pilates.

And does this fashion make sense?
Pilates is a method created, developed and perfected by Joseph Pilates at beginning of sec. XX. J.Pilates combined the mental concentration and breathing of Yoga with physicality from gymnastics and dance to create something totally new.

The main objective of the method is to develop health and ensure strength, endurance and flexibility to the whole body as well as the mind. It is like? Through a selection of exercises designed to be performed in a concentrated and controlled way, working the mind insofar as it forces an awareness of Whole body.

Currently there are several methods, between the most classic and the most contemporary, however, the essential is to be well executed and adapted to each one.
of us. And taking into account the possible needs, objectives or limitations of each one, the what is important is to have a good orientation and schedule in the training plan.

In short, Pilates is great for anyone and everyone, whether you're an athlete, not an athlete, well-trained person, with little training, runners, swimmers, bodybuilders, crossfiters, people with “back pain”, individuals with osteoporosis, etc... But if and only if it is adapted and guided by exercise professionals who have account the particularity of each.

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