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Did you know that your back pain may be caused by a maladjustment of your work chair?

And that repetitively incorrectly transported loads can cause cervical issues?

So what are you waiting for to come to see a specialist in ergonomics and readjust your workplace?

Ergonomics aims to ensure to the worker the best adaptation of a work situation and the task it performs, according to health and safety criteria. Search how to do it.

Ergonomic risks can generate psychological and physiological disorders likely to cause serious damage to the workers health and compromise his safety and productivity, such as: physical fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders, high blood pressure, sleep changes, nervous diseases and digestive diseases.

Are considered ergonomic risks the handling loads inadequately, inappropriate postures and movements, repetitive movements, direct mechanical pressure over body tissues, vibrations and thermal environment discomfort.–

Do not let the work be the source of your problems! Get advice about the necessary changes to your situation and about the exercises that you can perform daily in order to minimize the risk of injury!

Bet on Yourself and on your productivity!

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