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Fluid retention and heavy legs

Fluid Retention ... This is an almost clichéd theme among women, a true nightmare that haunts our ankles, hands, feet and abdomen, causing a swollen appearance of the skin (edema), a heavy legs feeling, discomfort and weight gain Up to 2 or 3 pounds.

Fluid retention results from a fluid imbalance of the body. It is no more than the excessive and abnormal accumulation of fluid between the cells of the organism, the passage of this same liquid from the blood vessels into the subcutaneous tissue gives origin to the edema.

There are several factors that contribute to this situation, although the main cause is the malfunction of the lymphatic circulation.

The lymphatic circulation is responsible for bringing water back into the bloodstream and certain substances that have diffused through the tissues and are unable to return to normal circulation, fluid retention arises when it malfunctions.

A poor fluid intake, high salt intake, hormonal changes, exposure to high temperatures, alcohol consumption, high levels of stress and anxiety are also among the main causes of this imbalance.

At Personal Trainers we believe that lymphatic drainage and pressotherapy are two great ways to fight against fluid retention, swollen legs and even cellulite, since they greatly improve the functioning of the lymphatic circulation, accelerate the absorption of liquids and macro-molecules in the interstitial tissue and stimulate the immune system.

Other important contributions to solving this situation are the practice of light physical activity (longer and more frequent training), correct hydration, a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, a reduction in salt and sugar consumption, reduction of the use of very hot water in the bath and the disposal of very tight clothes from our wardrobe.

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