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Personal Trainers thinks about the whole population and in the most varied situations. Companies and their employees are, of course, one of our concerns.

We spend most of our day's time  at work and each job has its own specific requirements. However, we don’t always use the correct posture, which often leads to constant pain and injury.

Our team goal is to teach the correct postures to be adopted to avoid  problems in the medium and long term, which can reduce quality of life caused by pain and discomfort.

An employee working with pain won’t be so productive, which is not beneficial neither to the company or the worker.

Therefore, our company works with companies, to teach the employees what positions to adopt for the different functions they execute. We also aim to show the added value of exercising for the day to day at work.

If you start exercising, your muscular reinforcement will become stronger, soon you will have more strength, more resistance and also a greater protection of the joints for the several movements made during work. This way, you’ll become a more productive worker.

The benefits are:

- Correct postures

- Correct movements for all the different functions

- In preventing injuries, there’s a greater profitability at work

- More active and healthier employees

- Group exercise: fun time with your colleagues

- Alternatives to movements constantly repeated by employees

- Stretching, so that there are no muscular injuries

Have you thought about how we could help your employees increase their productivity?

Contact us and find out what we can do for you and your employees.

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