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Tips for losing weight in one month

Want to lose some weight? In first place, the most successful weight lost is the healthy one, which takes a longer time. However, it is possible to lose weight in the first month.

If you decided  to lose weight in a healthy way, you must realize that food and exercise are the most important factors, but willingness is a fundamental step to achieve the results you want.

I realy want to lose weight

As soon as you do some changes in your lifestyle, you can start seeing the results right in the end of the month:

Eat your breakfast everyday – it is essential for the wellbeing and the capacity of concentration and reasoning and it also affects the meals’ quality during the day.

Eat numerous times during the day – this way you will be able to control your hunger, not being always starving before each meal and, consequently, control the quantity of food you eat.

Avoid having snacks during the day – it may not seem like that, but “snacks” that contain lots of calories will greatly affect the total of calories ingested at the end of the day.

Chew the food calmly – chewing is important for a better absorption and digestion of the food.

Make sure that you have a complete, equilibrated and varied feed – it’s important to variate the food we eat at the maximum.

Eliminate the sugar and sugary food from your diet – here are included such as food ( pastry products; cookies; chocolate; …) as drinks (soft drinks and others). Pay attention to the labels to make sure you’re not ingesting any sugar hidden in the industrialised products.

Exclude the salty and greasy products, the premade meals and also the industrialised sauces.

Avoid alcoholic drinks – those are highly caloric and useless.

Search for a dietician – they will help you setting realistic goals and lead a balanced diet plan, taking your nutritional needs and your quotidian into account. Avoid severe and unnecessary restrictions.

Search for a Personal Trainer to do the monitoring of your physical activity – exercising will improve your health, and it is crucial for weight loss.

Do not give up! – Surround yourself with people who support you, as well as they’re health professionals or your family, and don’t let yourself go down when something goes less well.

Rita Abreu text adapted from Rita Moreira