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Post Workout Nutrition Tips

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During training the glycogen stores have been reduced, or even depleted, and an oxidative state is established which will induce physiological and adaptation changes thereto. In order to restore glycogen stores and promote muscle resynthesis (recovery and construction of new muscle tissue) carbohydrates and protein intake are essential in the next 4-6 hours, at a ratio of 2-3: 1g per body weight.

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Post-workout meal suggestions, during the first 30 minutes or hour:

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• beaten 2 to 4 whites with vegetable drink and thin cocoa powder or red fruits.

• Dried fruits, boiled egg and 2 to 3 whole tostars, accompanied with 250ml of vegetable drink.

• Yoghurt and fruit smoothie

• Yogurt with pieces of fresh fruit

• Cooked egg wrap, chicken ham, tomato and lettuce

Post-workout meal suggestions, during the following 4-6 hours:

• Sautéed chicken eats vegetables and wholemeal pasta

• Vegetable soup and roasted hake rolls with tomato sauce with battered potatoes or sweet potatoes

• Tuna salad with carrot, beetroot and cucumber salad

• Mushroom and spinach omelet with roasted sweet potato

• Stuffed chicken with peas and white cabbage rice

• Leg of turkey stewed with potatoes and vegetables roasted in the oven (tomato, aubergine, zucchini, peppers)

• Grilled salmon with sauteed vegetables (soybeans, mushrooms, green beans and carrots and sweetcorn)

• Tuna salad with vegetable macedonia and boiled egg

• Salad of octopus or grilled cuttlefish with grain, coriander, purple onion and beet (other vegetables to taste).

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Eating well is no magic art, it only needs good guidance, avoiding processed foods and with very elaborate confections, creating routines and adapting the body to new foods, and then adjusting the daily expenditure and energy consumption in search of a better physical composition , Your metabolism and health will thank you.

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Miguel Paiva text adapted from article by Holmes Place