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Exercises that burn more calories than jogging

Nowadays, the search for exercise that burns more calories is bigger. However, it is a theme which arouses a lot of controversy. The question is which exercises spen more or less time and which ones are more efficient.

What are the best exercises for me?

Let’s talk about some efficient alternatives for jogging, which are good choices for burning more calories per minute:


While squatting, you’re burning calories while and after you do it. Recent researches reveal that in each 20 ten second resting interval repetitions more than 20 calories can be consumed per minute and that our metabolism works more efficiently during the next 30 minutes after the squats.

Rope skipping

150 jumps a minute allow you to lose 20 calories. It’s more efficient than jogging because it forces a bigger quantity of muscles to exercise along to working your balance and coordination.


A Harvard University research shows that one person who weights 84kgh can lose up to 400 calories if they paddle a lot between 30 minutes. It means more than 15 calories per minute. You’re not only working your cardiovascular aptitude but also the muscles in your arms, legs and back.


Burpee is an exercise which is difficult to do in the beginning. However, the more you practice the easier it gets, that is to say, in the beginning you used to do 4 burpees in one minute, then you can already do 7 burpees in a minute. While doing one burpee, you’re losing around 1.5 calories. The ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) advices this exercise to people who intends to accelerate their metabolism: burpee is very intense and makes many muscles move at the same time. It is one of the most complete exercises.

Mountain Bike

One hour spent on cycling up a mountain burns 1,500 calories. It means around 25 calories per minute, although this figure depends on the terrain you cycle on.


It’s very similar to jogging but 12 calories are lost per minute while exercising mainly the lower part of your body.

Battling Ropes

It’s an exercise which, although it’s recent, it has helped a lot on losing calories during the workout and helps on accelerating the metabolism. It is not necessary to spend much time stretching the ropes up and down: 30 seconds are enough for the body to produce more lactic acid and adrenaline. Conclusion: A 10.3 calories loss per minute.

How can I burn more calories?

In Personal Trainers opinion, it is important to establish objectives of a short, medium and a long term to achieve your aim. This way it is necessary to take into account every single exercise that help you lose more calories in a shorter period of time and at the same time to work more muscular groups. All these exercises that we told you are great alternatives to jogging, that is to say, jogging isn’t the only one raising the heart rate and burning calories.

You can find all of that exercises doing Personal Training. We can help you to find the perfect training for you, learn how.

Rita Abreu text adapted from Holmes Place