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The truth about alcohol and weight loss

At this time of the year that we're still on holidays or coming back, we thought it would be interesting to talk about this.

You've probably heard that alcohol contains empty calories. And if you want to lose weight? It's a good idea to think back in how much you drink, or not?

According to a new study, people who drink heavily when they're younger have a higher risk of gaining excess weight and becoming overweight or obese when they're older.

It's important to look at alcohol in terms of calories because they're definitely there!

A regular beer can (300/350ml) have about 150 calories, a glass of wine (150ml) might have about 120 calories and a glass of rum and coke (200ml) has about 155 calories.

It's not just about the calories from the alcohol itself: Drinking can lower your inhibitions and sense of awareness, making you much more likely to mindlessly eat when you have a buzz. That means that you can end up eating when you're not necessarily hungry.

Excess alcohol can also turn to fat in your liver and raise the amount of fat in your blood.

All of this together shows you how easy it could be to gain weight overtime. That doesn't mean you have to totally exclude it, all you need is to be smart about drinking.

You can drink and still lose weight, just keep it within moderate levels and you should be fine.

Personal Trainers can help you to get this balance and have great results!

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