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Which one is the best time to train?

Have you ever wondered if there is any time of day that is ideal for training? When do you burn more calories? Some studies have been carried out with the intention of perceiving a little better how our body works according to the different phases of the day: morning, afternoon and night. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option.

MORNING: it will help your body to wake up, the release of the hormones of well-being will make you feel better disposed to face the day and you will have more attention with the diet, after starting so well the day will have more predisposition to keep to diet.

AFTERNOON: the best time of the day when you take into account the performance or if you want to perform well because it is when we have the most energy. Burn more calories, metabolism declines throughout the day, you will be forced to work harder to burn more.

NIGHT: If the training is very intense you may have more difficulty falling asleep when you go to bed. You should opt for a lighter workout just to release stress.

In conclusion, in Personal Trainers opinion the most important thing is to adapt the time of day to the activity and make the choice according to your goal. Do not forget that in addition to this there are other important things, such as your food diet.

Regardless of the time, the most important thing is to train! know how

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