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Do you know how to walk properly?

If someone ask you if you know how to walk correctly, what would your answer be? Probably your answer would be yes, but do you really know?

As human beings, we all share a set of motor actions that practically all of us do in our daily lives. Whether it's to go catch the bus, to take a walk or merely in our routines at home, walking is one of the most accomplished actions.

How can I improve my mechanics?

If we take a look to the environment around us, our lifestyle and the stress that our body is exposed, we are confronted with a growing number of people suffering with postural dysfunctions.

According to Tom Myers, we have a structure that is connected by anatomical lines, and the adaptations created in a certain area of ​​our structure, will impact in more distant areas and the whole structure will have to deal with the consequences of that adaptation.

As for walking action, if we go out on the street with a closer look at the walking pattern of the people around you, we can easily find people with a dysfunctional and inefficient gait. It is possible for us to observe various dysfunctions which, if not a cause of pain, will probably be in the future.
We can observe, for example, people walking with their knees and feet outwards or inwards, an instable pelvis that move from side to side with each step, a lot of thoracic rigidity and curved causing the trunk to have no movement during the march.

All these dysfunctions lead to compensations that will take efficiency out of our walking pattern, changing it completely.
I want to walk efficiently
Personal Trainers helps you...

When we walk, our torso is supposed to rotate at the level of the dorsal vertebrae and not be rigid. This rotation of the trunk allows for a better distribution of energy between the upper and lower part of the body and still between the left and right half of our body.
By joining the rotation of the trunk to good stability at the level of the lumbar and pelvis and a correct orientation of the lower limbs forward, surely the weight on our feet will be distributed in a more uniform way allowing a more efficient walk.
Good posture allows our muscles to be in position to work the way they were designed.
Walk (efficiently) with Personal Trainers towards a healthier and happier life!!!
Francisco Barbosa text adapted from Myers, T. (2009). Anatomy Trains  2nd Ed. Churchill Livingstone