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Get organized and train on your Christmas vacation

Think of all the extra calories that come up at this time of year, in all the goodies you will make, in the sweets you will receive, on New Year's Eve, at the thousands of Christmas dinners you go to.

And of course you do not want to deprive yourself of anything, so the only solution left to maintain the same weight, physical condition and vitality is to Workout, your conscience thanks and your health as well. So put these "events" on hand, talk to your Coach, he will adjust your workouts to help you metabolize all the excess energy you to ingest in those days.

Follow our county:

1. Workout hard on the days before Christmas dinners, and of course the next day too, bet on interval cardiovascular work with strength training;

2. During the workout when you think it is too intense, remember that at lunchtime you did not question whether you were overeating, so be challenged.

3. Enjoy your children's educational break for family activities and games, exercise together while strengthening family ties and your health.

4. It is almost inevitable to eat less balanced during the month of December, but avoid making the worst choices, then do the least bad - mainly processed food (pizzas, hamburgers, pre-made food, milk chocolates, cookies, etc.).

Be in shape at Xmas

At Personal Trainers we advocate for a healthy lifestyle we help our clients manage their daily routines to promote good behavior in the areas of movement, nutrition and regeneration.

If you already train with us, you already know this, and will continue to train regardless of the time of year, because we have easy and practical solutions for this.

If you do not train yet, start with us, and step by step we will help you in the mission that will change your life, so that you can enter the new year with renewed energies.

Our experience tells us that the good choices made daily reflect short-medium-term success, so choose to train at all times of the year, at home, at the gym, abroad, with friends, in a group, the important thing is that the benefits are multiple (+ Health, +Vitality, + Socialization, + Strength, + Resistance, + Mobility, + Performance in life…)

Good workouts!

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