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The effect of cardio before and after weightlifting

Ever wondered if you should do cardio resistance training before or after your weights workout? This is a very common question. Most people usually do cardio training before weights but, according to some research, this is the "wrong way" to work regardless of your goal.

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Cardio before weight lifting?

According to studies conducted, it may be best not to perform cardiovascular activities before starting weight training, since cardio seems to reduce the number of repetitions achieved in weight training. If we want a better quality of training without the effects of fatigue, concentrate on only one of the components of physical fitness - strength or endurance.

Contraindications of cardio before weights:

- The sugar (glucose), indispensable for muscular strength, is spent before the beginning of what will be the fundamental part of the training;

- We are not at peak capacity when performing the exercise and therefore, no such good results will be attainable; 

- Even if reserves of glucose and fats are not enough to withstand the stress, excessive cortisol production will lead to the degradation of muscle mass to create energy.

Cardio after training increases recovery

Cardiovascular exercise after weight training is beneficial because it speeds up muscle recovery. It has been proven by studies that these cardio sessions provoke a positive effect on isometric strength, thus indicating a faster muscle recovery.

Cardio after workout burns more fat

The cardio after weight training can also be beneficial for those looking to burn more fat. This is due to adrenaline and noradrenaline released during bodybuilding, forcing fat cells to release their contents into the bloodstream. In the same way, the cardiovascular training after the training of weights provides a greater liberation of the hormone of growth. Hormone, this, which not only stimulates the burning of fat, but also the recovery of muscle tissue. In conclusion, if you want to combine weight training and cardio training on the same day or in the same session, it seems advisable to start with bodybuilding training.

Advantages of cardio after weight training:

- Increased oxygenation can last longer when cardio is performed after bodybuilding, which will consume more fats;

- We used sugar in the most important part of our workout, so the fats are the remaining substrate for use in cardio;

  • Both conjugated components lead to an increase of the energy consumption, being able to take to the maximum of the tonificación and definition muscle.

What is the best training option for me?

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