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Circuit Training - A world to discover

Today we speak of a trend that has been gaining more and more fans in recent years - the Circuit Training - its origin dates back to 1953 and initially this training protocol consisted of 9 to 12 exercises with moderate intensity, with a number of repetitions or a given amount of time. After the end of an exercise, one immediately moves on to the next with little or no rest time.

This type of training can use strength, resistance, cardiovascular exercises, and vary the intensity and volume according to the intended purpose.

But as in everything in life is not enough to do, it is necessary to do well and respect methodological principles:

- Give preference to exercises of low complexity and that mobilize large muscle groups;

- Adjust the loads and time of pause to the objective of the training, and capacity to develop;

- Allow for incremental increases in complexity and complexity;

- Toggle equally push and pull movements, as well as upper and lower limbs

Advantages of Circuit Training:

- Allows simultaneous attendance of many participants;

- Train the whole body in less time;

- Very dynamic and avoids the monotony by the consequent alternation of exercises;

- Can be applied to different goals within a session (warm up, active rest, main training content).

Circuit training is a very interesting type of training when the goal is to train the whole body in a single training session, saving time and even increasing energy expenditure when mobilizing large muscle groups with reduced pause times. It is also very effective in improving the aerobic and anaerobic capacity, in the cardiovascular component, in the decrease of the insulin resistance, of the abdominal fat and consequently in the reduction of the corporal weight

Particularly circuit-strength training is one of the proven training methods to reduce the accelerated decline in muscle strength exhibited by older adults.

Personal Trainers suggests the following training in 20-minute Circuit without stopping, in order to make as many points as possible, count each repetition you make, worth 1 point:

1. Squatting 30 reps;

2. Lunge to walk 20 reps;

3. Burpees 10 reps

4. Push-ups 15 reps

5. Rows on TRX 15 reps

6. Montain Climbers 30 reps.

That physical activity does well to various health markers all people already know, but it is not enough to do only physical activity, it is fundamental to have results be done physical exercise in an organized and structured way. How many people do you know that even "train a lot" but the body does not change or that localized fat stubbornness in not leaving? This is the time to change, and our team will give you the results you are looking for, come to know the solutions we have for you: Personalized Training (home, outdoor, gym) small groups of training, wellness companies, personalized nutrition, physiotherapy and a lot more. Contact us through our email [email protected], website and social media.

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