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The importance of spine

Increasingly, there are innumerable types of pathologies that come from bad posture habits and daily activities. As such, prevention is very important to prevent your spine from feeling pain or any kind of discomfort. Personal Trainers tells you how to protect your spine from the following occasions:

Work sitting: check the adjustment of the chair (backrest, base, height); must be aligned with the axle of the chair; strictly observe an hourly break at work, and perform stretching and relaxation in the most tense region.

Sleep: from the side or belly up;

Open drawers: try to support with one hand on the furniture and open the drawer with the other hand;

When sweeping: do not tilt the body forward, but increase the length of the cable;

Divide the weight on both sides of the body: carry one weight on each side, keeping the arms stretched and close to the body.

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Regarding the exercises you can do to strengthen the entire structure of your spine, opt for isometric exercises like the various types of board, and excellent for a good stabilization, preventing any type of injury.

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Text by Diogo Lopes