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Padel the great trend of 2018

In these days it is not only the gyms that have a great demand, several sporting modalities are also much sought after, such as Padel.

Why this trend?

Everything has to do with the routine, that is, people like to practice something different and not always the same exercises. In this way they look for the Padel, because the movements are different from the usual, there is competition, they train accompanied and outside of the environment of gymnasium.

However joining this sport to the gym is a bonus, at all levels.


In Personal Trainers opinion it is a plus, because in order to practice Padel it is necessary a base muscular structure, to allow to make rotations, displacements and all the inherent movements of the padel in a safe way.

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Reconcile appropriate strength training to the Padel with the help of a Personal Trainer with Padel practice. The results will be better and helps prevent injuries.

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