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Optimize Gluteal Work

At Personal Trainers we take the time of our customers seriously, in this way we recommend training with scientific validity, with evidence given in the results.

Surely in the gym where he walks that came across someone on the rug in 4 supports to shake the leg up and down, or sideways, possibly in the attempt to tone the gluteus, unfortunately it is not so easy, stay tuned. ..

Now comes the facts, hierarchically the best stimuli for strength gains/hypertrophy are:

1 - Free Weights; 2- Combination of free weights and machines; 3- functional training; 4- Pliometric training; 6-Bodybuilding machines.

We help you optimize your workout in order to achieve faster results!

The gluteus is one of the strongest muscles of our body, because of its density it is able to generate a lot of force and to support enormous loads, being also a fundamental muscular group in the stabilization of the spine. That said, his work is essential both in an aesthetic perspective (concern with tone, symmetry, volume) and performance improvement in his daily life (eg, climbing stairs, walking, crouching to play with children, protecting the spine , etc.) or in sports (jumping farther, being faster, avoiding injuries).

In this framework, it is essential to establish goals with your coach and outline a training plan, which will allow you to know where to start and not to do random exercises.

After this clarification, the ideal for musculature of the large gluteus are exercises, which contemplate: depth (amplitude), load and jumps, detachments also the importance of privileging polyarticular exercises, and performs them until muscle failure (this allows to use a load more low to MRI with equally good results and safety).

Always privilege the advice of your personal trainer because this better than anyone knows what he is capable of and what his limitations.

As for the exercises we leave the following suggestions:

1 - Hip Thrust;   6- Dead Lift;

2 - Sumo Squat;  7 - Stiff;

3- Squat; 8 - Step ups;

4 - Leg press 9-Abdudor Machine;

5- Bulgarian Split Squat; 10 - Squat split jump

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As you can see, there is no need to invent, kick, or juggle to get the gluteus that you have always dreamed of, in our team you will find the fitness professional that will lead you to success, with simple, safe and knowledge-aligned training scientific.

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