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Want to tone and do not know how? Maybe there's a reason...

To tone ... is one of those buzzwords of the fitness world, pointed out as one of the main goals of someone who wants to start a training program. It is commonly used to express the desire to stay with the most protruding muscles and a body with less fat mass.

Does the concept of toning training exist or is it just another exoteric term from the gyms world? In this article, Personal Trainers will demystify this subject.

Tonifying refers us to 2 words Muscle Tone, whose meaning carries us to the physiological concept of basal contraction of our muscles, which remain in a state of partial, passive and continuous contraction. In simple terms it is the tension generated by the skeletal muscle system that makes us remain in a biped and erect posture on a daily basis, this activity is controlled by our central nervous system, making us predisposed and ready for some voluntary action / movement.

Training with great results

That said, the concept of Toning Training, begins to gain some content but is it correct?

The toning training is on the sidelines in a rigorous language, as we see, any physical training results in increased muscle tone.

So simplistically this type of workout says reduce fat and gain muscle mass, but in the light of science, we know that reducing fat while gaining muscle mass is not possible. Well, if you follow a training program and a diet plan to reduce weight, or others to do the opposite, gain muscle.

I want to gain muscle

If the goal is to have more vitality, health, improve your physical condition, or rehabilitate some structure, look for integrated and functional methodologies that aim to improve actions and fundamental movements of the day to day - Functional training.

Alternating between cardiovascular training, muscle endurance, and hypertrophy protocols will help you improve your body composition, reduce weight, and lose weight.

I want to lose weight

But if the goal is to gain muscle mass / hypertrophy, then bodybuilding is ideal.

By way of conclusion, do not train to get more toned, train yes to:

• be more resistant to day-to-day demands, with more vitality and mobility;

• lose weight, or gain muscle mass;

• improve sports performance;

• etc ... I train simply because I like it.

Personal Training is always the best option, we at Personal Trainers adjust the training to your individual needs, we develop with our clients habits of exercise and life that promote success. Check yourself, and be the next sucess case.

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