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16 Tips to Lose Weight

The theme of weight loss is always present, at this time of the year even more particularly, as summer approaches.

Personal Trainers leaves here some tips and advice that can help you to achieve your goals.

I want to know how to lose weight 

Do not skip meals: do not go hungry. Distributing the day's food in small meals avoids letting yourself be tempted by high-calorie foods between large meals or the night before bed. In addition, the process of digestion, absorption and metabolism of the nutrients of these snacks will increase your daily caloric expenditure.

Choose wholemeal versions: change bread, white rice and pasta for whole versions. These foods contain fibers that, in addition to giving a greater sensation of satiety and for a longer period, help in the reduction of fat absorption. They are also rich in B-complex vitamins, which contribute to muscle building.

Invest in fruit: it is rich in vitamins, minerals and water, which contribute to the proper functioning of the organism. As it contains fibers, it contributes to good intestinal functioning and increases satiety. On average, one piece of fruit contains about 70 to 100 kcl. The ideal will be to consume three pieces per day.

Stick to the seeds: consume flaxseed, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, as they are good sources of healthy fat. They help in the elimination of toxins and also have good amount of fibers that facilitate the digestion and withdraw the will to eat.

Control yourself at the table: Follow the tip of putting the cutlery between each time you bring food to your mouth. You should chew thoroughly before swallowing, prepare a single serving of food at a time, take a break in the middle of the meal and use dessert dishes and do not repeat.

Start the meal with a salad/vegetables: the fibers of these foods increase the volume of the meal, contributing to the feeling of satiety.

Always focus on what you are eating: enjoy food and avoid other activities while at the table, such as watching TV, tinkering with your mobile phone, or browsing the internet. This prevents you from eating fast and/or eating badly without being aware of being distracted.

Lose weight now

Consume foods that are sources of lean protein: throughout the day, milk, cheeses, meats, soy, egg white. Aids in the recovery and maintenance of muscle mass and accelerate the metabolism.

Do not go shopping on an empty stomach: is that if you do the odds of buying more caloric foods are increased.

Be balanced: do not make excessive restrictions because they can lead to compulsion. Follow a balanced diet and keep in mind that losing weight fast can also mean that you will regain those pounds very quickly.

Include diuretic foods: fennel, lime, nutmeg, onion, parsley, mint, pineapple, watermelon ... they reduce swelling and fluid retention.

Always have nuts on hand: the solution is when hunger tighten between meals make nuts snacks as they sate and are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Only pay attention to quantities.

Do not overdo it: there because you train hard, it does not mean you can eat what you want. If you really want to lose weight, you need to control your diet. It is mathematician, you have to spend more calories than you consume.

Eat clean but don´t lose weight

Drink two liters of water a day: it will eliminate toxins and facilitate digestion. If you can not ingest so much water, opt for natural juices, tea infusions, preferably without sugar.

Rethink your diet: and the exercise plan every 5kg lost, this is in a process of weight loss. It serves to better control the weight, that is, it must readaptar the type of training, loads and intensity always according to your new weight.

Customize your process: there is nothing like adapting all this to your specific reality. Seek a competent professional in each area, ie a nutritionist, medical advice (if necessary) and a Personal Trainer to prescribe you the most effective training method and reduce the duration of the whole process in an effective way and with effective results!

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Rui Madeira text adapted from Santos M.