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Happy Birthday Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers is on its tenth anniversary!

It takes 10 years to change the lives of many people, whether to lose weight, to tone up, to gain strength, mobility, or to complete a Half-Marathon, etc. But above all, to improve their health!

We can be proud of the immense success stories of our clients and that is what moves us, the satisfaction and recommendation of those who look for our services. For all this, we are very motivated to continue our journey and make the difference!

It was last Saturday that we gathered clients, friends and family to celebrate together this brand achieved.

Everything happened at Quinta da Nora Mourisca, where we started the activities with a fun game of the Rooster, followed by a training course "Rural Workout" where we simulate the life in the field through diversified exercises. Then an orienteering test was followed with a peddy paper where the teams went through great challenges as they found the clues.

It was lunch time, with the guests to enjoy a healthy meal with soup, fresh salads, fruit and natural juices, all made and offered by our staff.

In the afternoon we finished the event with a fun Quizz game with questions, drawings, gestures and taboo and we cut our very special and very original birthday cake. In the end, there was still time for a dip in the pool and a great conviviality.

So we have to thank all those who made a point of giving us their presence; To Miguel Guerra for the yield of a fantastic space; To the Social and Community Center of Vale Silves for the supply of some material to serve lunch; The Director of the Bibe Club, Helena Banha and also to Professor Arlésio Coelho of the Laura Ayres School for the provision of some material to support the activities; To our partners in Bionature, for the offer of organic products, to Eclat-space of health and well-being of Faro, also to Atelier do Sorriso of Almancil for the supply of gift vouchers and to Core by offering a protein snack ; to Margarida Guerreiro for the originality in the decoration of the birthday cake; Soraia Almeida for the coverage of photos and films and, finally, all staff Personal Trainers who was tireless in their tasks having provided a very different day to everyone.

Do you want to join us?

We hope to continue to innovate for many good years, can count on it!

Rui Madeira text